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  Company Information
Company Name
Email Address
  Company and Product Overview
Business birth date
Product is produced
The category that best defines your business is
Your closest competitor's name is
Your greatest challenge is
Your greatest need is
You envision your future growth will evolve primarily from
Annual sales last year were
You ___ use rep agencies
Your top 3 agencies and regions they represent are
You have approximately ___ active wholesale customers
The majority of your customers are
You ___ sell direct to consumers
You market your product line in the following ways
    Advertising  Yes   No
    Editorials, PR  Yes   No
    Direct Mail (brochure, postcard)  Yes   No
    E Blasts  Yes   No
    Catalog  Yes   No
    Website  Yes   No
    Tradeshows  Yes   No
    Social Networking  Yes   No
    Telemarketing  Yes   No
    Other  Yes   No
You exhibit at these trade shows
    and the booth spaces are
    Permanent  Yes   No
    Temporary  Yes   No
The number of positions held within your company for
    Office personnel totals
    Warehouse personnel totals
You have an in-house design team  Yes   No
You have a dedicated customer service person/team  Yes   No
You have a management team  Yes   No
Individual Positions held include
    Operations/Warehouse Mgr  Yes   No
    Accountant  Yes   No
    President/CEO  Yes   No
    Marketing Director  Yes   No
    Sales Manager  Yes   No
You have a back office accounting and/or order tracking system  Yes   No